Our Initiatives

Hispanic Alliance Leadership Development Initiative (HALDI)

HALDI provides professionals and emerging leaders with professional development, contacts and knowledge to contribute to the advancement of the Hispanic community. HALDI emphasizes the dynamic culture of the Hispanic/Latino community. HALDI understands the importance of developing Latino/Hispanic leaders as Latinos are currently proportionally represented within the entities that make decisions that affect the community. 

La Villa Hispana

The mission of La Villa Hispana is to be the economic and cultural center of the Latino/Hispanic community in the greater Cleveland area. According to their history, La Villa Hispana committees have added depth to their communal development plans by integrating area residents through community forums, holding conversations with local elected officials, evaluating The commercial and institutional interests of its collaborators, as well as the guide to larger non-profit foundations and those that support them.

Community Engagement

The mission of the community Engagement Center is to provide a model for educating, organizing and mobilizing community residents to take action with regard to problems that harm them in order to find the best solution in the short, medium and long term. Within its mission is to sponsor specific initiatives focused on the community, such as: Cleveland Mexican Committee, Latin Women of Impact, Spanish Advisory Board for the Electorate (SABE), NOAHH and FAMILIA within the framework of the Hispanic Alliance.

Cleveland Mexican Committee

The Cleveland Mexican Committee is an initiative of the Hispanic Alliance, which aims to promote, assist and support the Mexican community residents in Cleveland and the Northeast region of Ohio.​

Latin Women of Impact

Improve the quality of life of our community through education, advocacy, collaboration, support and empowerment of Latina women.

Northeast Ohio Association for Hispanic Health (NOAHH)

The Northeast Ohio Association for Hispanic Health mission is to reduce the disparity in the health issue, increasing access and promoting overall health and well-being within the Hispanic community in the greater Cleveland area through education , collaboration and advocacy.

Spanish Advisory Board for the Electorate (SABE)

Voting is Power! SABE empowers the Latino community through education, community involvement and voter registration, ensuring that all Latino citizens have the opportunity to participate fully in the electoral process by protecting and preserving the bilingual ballot.


Family has been established to participate, train and create a voice for residents of the Clark-Fulton area to address issues such as security, housing, education, civic rights and health problems for the well-being of Community families.

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